A couple of days ago, I attempted to change the strings of my stick myself for the first time. Although I am used to change strings on a bass, this is new to me.

The bridge is pretty different and ofcourse the solid steel strings are new for me.

After having some trouble keeping the bridge end of the string in place while placing the string on the tuning post, I found a way to make it easier. On a bass or guitar, the string ball end is usually inserted through a hole, which holds the string in place. This is not the case on the stick. The bridge has v-shaped cutouts in which to insert the strings and so they can easily pop out when changing a string. A little piece of ducttape solves the problem 🙂

I managed to replace the first string (0.10) without breaking it ! That was a first for me !

After tuning up, I started playing and wow, were my old strings old or what ? The new strings have some much definition that I have to change some settings on my POD X3. Lesson learned ? Oh yes, don’t play too long with one set of strings !!